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    To me, writing is not a job.  That is not because I’ve never made more than about twenty bucks doing it, however.  Writing is a way of life.  It began as my creative outlet as a child.  I’d beg my parents to buy me a spiral notebook for my “novels” and I would write constantly!  My classmates would read each page I finished and would beam at what a wonderful writer I was.  At this point, I wasn’t even contemplating any careers in writing.  In fact, I wanted to be an obstetrician.  Weird, I know.  When I wasn’t writing, I was reading.  My reading led me to the knowledge that, if I wanted to be a doctor, I was going to have to go through years of medical school and endure the worst part of the educational journey-learning how to use needles!  None of these sounded appealing to me in any way!  Then, my career sights landed on the education system.  I went off to college fully expecting to walk out ready to teach.  Here I am about seven years later, working as a medical billing manager in a doctor’s office, and pouring my life into a blog that hasn’t been made into a best-selling book or popular movie.  Yet, I am writer.

    I started blogging about 6 years ago.  At the time, I didn’t fully understand how blogging was really “writing.”  However, the more people I came in contact with that connected with things I had to say, the more this therapeutic outlet became a passion far surpassing anything else I’ve enjoyed.  So, January of this year, I decided to take my life’s journey one step further and accomplish a list of items within 365 days.  Some of these items sound so easy.  Yet, in the life of a busy woman, it’s much harder to find the time to do something like watch the sunrise.  Not to mention, it’s much harder to get my rear out of bed for something like that!  Then, there are items on the list that seem impossible.  However, I had a clear goal and a determination to seize my own life.  I had to wave my quarter life crisis goodbye and do what I’ve always wanted to do.  However, instead of just saying that I want to do something “one day”, I decided to plan it out and make it happen.  My journey with this list has now become the driving force behind my blog “Life.”  Will I accomplish everything on the list?  I have no idea!  However, I have hope!  Will I gain the respect and admiration of my peers?  No idea!  I still have hope.  Will I create a future for myself with the words I write within the next 365 days?  Again, I have no idea.  What I do have is hope.

    You don’t become a writer when you sell your first published book.  You become a writer when you realize that you’d rather be writing than doing anything else.  This thought process doesn’t bring you wealth or fame at the mere decision, but it brings about an awareness that your words hold meaning.  If not to anyone else, they mean something to you!  That, beyond anything else, is the most important attribute of a writer.  So, pick up a pen or turn on that computer.  The things you have to say make you more than just a human with words.  If you put them on paper, those things make you a writer!

  • Morning scribbles
  • Morning scribbles


    Good morning world. I have the intention of writing daily on this blog, but evil forces lure me into other tasks, and I end up succumbing into not writing here.

    This post is meant to be a light at the end of the tunnel for aspiring writers.

    I used to have the notion that having a conventional job (meaning five days a week, eight+ hours shifts), was mandatory. Fortunately, I matured enough to realize, no one can force me into doing something I don’t want to.

    If you have been following this blog, you know I quit my extremely, annoying, conventional job, two weeks ago. At first, I was terrified. Psyched, yes. But also, very scared. As a result of quitting that job, I have landed in the course of two weeks, two steady freelance writing jobs! I also have one more possible project, the ability to write on this blog as I please, and the upcoming rewriting of my first novel. It does not end there.

    I had forgotten the passion that ignites inside my soul every time I play, and sing. I used to be this incredibly passionate musician, always with my guitar, or piano, singing my heart out. What happened?

    I thought having a $7.50 per hour job was all I needed. I hated it…
    I constantly felt lost, drained, breathless — I know now I was depriving myself of my endless capabilities as a human being. The capability of going after a dream.

    My aunt recently sent me a message via Facebook. It was a casting for a local TV show here in Puerto Rico. I went. I got it. Come Sunday, I’ll be singing one of my songs in front of a camera thousands of people will be watching. You can even watch it if you live in Florida, New York, or any other state that has Univision. All because I said: “To hell with the world. I’m doing my own thing.”

    Deciding to live life in my own terms has been liberating. I have trusted, I am trusting the God of my understanding to guide me every step of the way. People come along to help me from Africa, Australia, China, Canada, Kansas City…

    Somehow, following my desires, and rooting for myself has brought opportunities I would have never imagined. Seizing those opportunities takes a lot of courage, but after I’m done, the second I realize I trusted myself and God completely… I feel the most joy, the hope, the love, the happiness, the peace, and the certainty that God is doing for me, what I couldn’t do for myself. Every day I drift further from the past, I become closer to my freedom. Not only because I am doing what I want, and not what is expected of me, but because I feel grateful, and happy by doing so.

  • Famous for a Second
  • On TV


    Being on TV is a little nerve wrecking, especially if you’re about to sing and play live. One thing my mom and mother-in-law kept repeating: “Just have fun.”

    My husband and I leaving for the show.

    Getting ready…

    Going live!

    The end result:

    This was an amazing experience. I thank every one involved in the creation of the program, and my successful performance. My dream quest continues… Does yours?

  • Decisions
  • It is time


    It is time. Yep. That time I was avoiding…

    I sacrificed a considerable amount of inner peace for my future–or at least, I thought I did. Why does financial security come hand in hand with serenity? No. The question should be: ” Why are we raised to believe our serenity comes attached to financial security?”

    Writing a book these days is as tough as in any other moment in history. Perhaps tougher, because the internet has made accessible for thousands, what used to be hidden in a corner, far away, unreachable to the “commoners”.
    I e-mailed the successful Puerto Rican author Lulu Delacre, and asked her what suggestions/advice she had for me in order to become a published author. She replied kindly, admitting her experience wasn’t relevant anymore, since the publishing industry had changed completely.Kari Haywood, the amazing Kansas City blogger of Life,  shed a beacon of light when telling me about Lulu.  Not the author, but one of the most complete self publishing websites I’ve seen, yet literary agents still consider self publishing as a synonym of not published.

    These decisions are important, yet irrelevant if you do not have a finished, polished book. Most aspiring writers don’t even get to that part. I looked up several statistics on writers, and found out that exactly five years ago, the average author earned $10,000 net profit per year. If you are thinking of quitting your dream, don’t!

    The United States Department of Labor has an amazing handbook on Authors, Writers, and Editors. I suggest you read it completely. Even if you love writing (and just want to write), you should inundate yourself with knowledge about the publishing industry.  According to this Occupational Outlook Handbook, “Authors, writers and editors held about 281,300 jobs in 2008. Writers and authors held about 151,700 jobs and editors held about 129,600 jobs. About 70 percent of writers and authors were self-employed, while 12 percent of editors were self-employed.”

    The outlook of these professions according to the US Department of Labor  is an average growth (7 to 13 percent increase), and less job openings than job seekers.

    So, why bother?

    Steve Jobs said on June 2005:
    “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.”

    May the life of your dreams be just around the corner… I know mine is. For now, I’ll keep writing (rewriting is more accurate)

  • Semi True Stories
  • The Story Of The Boy And The Bear

    magic lake

    There was once a young boy by the name of William who was out for a walk one day. His favorite place was to journey into the hills, up near a lake at the top of the mountain. It was said that this lake had mystical powers, ones that would help a boy become a man. He had gone there every week for several years hoping to catch a glimpse of what this magic place would have in store for him. One day he was almost at the mouth of the river which descended from the lake, running down into the valley, when he heard an ominous growl. He turned to see a golden bear, one that was standing instead of walking on all fours, which startled him immediately. Cowering before the bear who is no more than 10 feet away, he thought about all of the options that he had. If the bear was hungry, he would be eaten, and if you try to run, it was unlikely that he would escape.

    At that exact moment, his watch made a sound, a new watch that he had received from his parents. It was the best G-Shock watch his father could afford at the time. A G-Shock Mudmaster with a built-in barometer, designed with a sapphire crystal window, a great ABC watch. It was an alarm that he had set to test how quickly he could get to the top of the hill, and he had set a timer for just 30 minutes. As luck would have it, the bear looked confused, came down on all fours, and started to walk away. Initially, the boy was relieved thinking that his life had been saved by this watch that he had received as a gift. Instead of running for his life, however, he decided to pursue this golden bear which must indeed have some magical properties.

    The bear was actually quite fast, and was running at full speed, dashing through the branches and brambles. It was hard for William to keep up, but he was a spry youth, full of energy and vigor, and was able to see the golden coat of the bear as it ran through the dense woods. Upon entering a clearing, the bear was nowhere to be seen, and he felt a bit of depression. He wondered if this golden bear was actually the magic that was spoken of, represented in the form of an animal that could grant him perhaps answers to questions that he might have or even fulfill his dreams.

    A noise startled William from behind, and he saw the bear rolling on the ground, as if trying to scratch his back. When he got up, the bear simply stared at William. The eyes of the bear were a cool blue color, like a deep blue sky on a cloudless day, or perhaps the color of ocean waves rolling in. He felt no fear of this animal, which he perceived to be magical, and that is when it happened. The bear that out in magnificent roar, one that caused him to fall back, and he thought for certain that this time he was done. Instead, looking up from his back he saw a beautiful young girl walking up, clothed in a bearskin. She said no words but simply handed him a necklace, one that was gold in color. At the end was an amulet, made of sapphire, similar to what was more than likely in his expensive G-shock watch with the barometer. Taking the necklace, he looked a little closer and notice that it looked oddly familiar, similar to the alarm clock on his nightstand. Looking back up, he realized he had just awoken from one of the most realistic dreams he had ever had. The only realistic aspect of the dream that remained was the watch on his wrist that he had forgotten to take off that night. It is a dream that William has never forgotten, a dream that he often wishes he could return to so he could simply ask the girl her name.