The Story Of The Boy And The Bear

magic lake

There was once a young boy by the name of William who was out for a walk one day. His favorite place was to journey into the hills, up near a lake at the top of the mountain. It was said that this lake had mystical powers, ones that would help a boy become a man. He had gone there every week for several years hoping to catch a glimpse of what this magic place would have in store for him. One day he was almost at the mouth of the river which descended from the lake, running down into the valley, when he heard an ominous growl. He turned to see a golden bear, one that was standing instead of walking on all fours, which startled him immediately. Cowering before the bear who is no more than 10 feet away, he thought about all of the options that he had. If the bear was hungry, he would be eaten, and if you try to run, it was unlikely that he would escape.

At that exact moment, his watch made a sound, a new watch that he had received from his parents. It was the best G-Shock watch his father could afford at the time. A G-Shock Mudmaster with a built-in barometer, designed with a sapphire crystal window, a great ABC watch. It was an alarm that he had set to test how quickly he could get to the top of the hill, and he had set a timer for just 30 minutes. As luck would have it, the bear looked confused, came down on all fours, and started to walk away. Initially, the boy was relieved thinking that his life had been saved by this watch that he had received as a gift. Instead of running for his life, however, he decided to pursue this golden bear which must indeed have some magical properties.

The bear was actually quite fast, and was running at full speed, dashing through the branches and brambles. It was hard for William to keep up, but he was a spry youth, full of energy and vigor, and was able to see the golden coat of the bear as it ran through the dense woods. Upon entering a clearing, the bear was nowhere to be seen, and he felt a bit of depression. He wondered if this golden bear was actually the magic that was spoken of, represented in the form of an animal that could grant him perhaps answers to questions that he might have or even fulfill his dreams.

A noise startled William from behind, and he saw the bear rolling on the ground, as if trying to scratch his back. When he got up, the bear simply stared at William. The eyes of the bear were a cool blue color, like a deep blue sky on a cloudless day, or perhaps the color of ocean waves rolling in. He felt no fear of this animal, which he perceived to be magical, and that is when it happened. The bear that out in magnificent roar, one that caused him to fall back, and he thought for certain that this time he was done. Instead, looking up from his back he saw a beautiful young girl walking up, clothed in a bearskin. She said no words but simply handed him a necklace, one that was gold in color. At the end was an amulet, made of sapphire, similar to what was more than likely in his expensive G-shock watch with the barometer. Taking the necklace, he looked a little closer and notice that it looked oddly familiar, similar to the alarm clock on his nightstand. Looking back up, he realized he had just awoken from one of the most realistic dreams he had ever had. The only realistic aspect of the dream that remained was the watch on his wrist that he had forgotten to take off that night. It is a dream that William has never forgotten, a dream that he often wishes he could return to so he could simply ask the girl her name.