• Morning scribbles
  • Morning scribbles


    Good morning world. I have the intention of writing daily on this blog, but evil forces lure me into other tasks, and I end up succumbing into not writing here.

    This post is meant to be a light at the end of the tunnel for aspiring writers.

    I used to have the notion that having a conventional job (meaning five days a week, eight+ hours shifts), was mandatory. Fortunately, I matured enough to realize, no one can force me into doing something I don’t want to.

    If you have been following this blog, you know I quit my extremely, annoying, conventional job, two weeks ago. At first, I was terrified. Psyched, yes. But also, very scared. As a result of quitting that job, I have landed in the course of two weeks, two steady freelance writing jobs! I also have one more possible project, the ability to write on this blog as I please, and the upcoming rewriting of my first novel. It does not end there.

    I had forgotten the passion that ignites inside my soul every time I play, and sing. I used to be this incredibly passionate musician, always with my guitar, or piano, singing my heart out. What happened?

    I thought having a $7.50 per hour job was all I needed. I hated it…
    I constantly felt lost, drained, breathless — I know now I was depriving myself of my endless capabilities as a human being. The capability of going after a dream.

    My aunt recently sent me a message via Facebook. It was a casting for a local TV show here in Puerto Rico. I went. I got it. Come Sunday, I’ll be singing one of my songs in front of a camera thousands of people will be watching. You can even watch it if you live in Florida, New York, or any other state that has Univision. All because I said: “To hell with the world. I’m doing my own thing.”

    Deciding to live life in my own terms has been liberating. I have trusted, I am trusting the God of my understanding to guide me every step of the way. People come along to help me from Africa, Australia, China, Canada, Kansas City…

    Somehow, following my desires, and rooting for myself has brought opportunities I would have never imagined. Seizing those opportunities takes a lot of courage, but after I’m done, the second I realize I trusted myself and God completely… I feel the most joy, the hope, the love, the happiness, the peace, and the certainty that God is doing for me, what I couldn’t do for myself. Every day I drift further from the past, I become closer to my freedom. Not only because I am doing what I want, and not what is expected of me, but because I feel grateful, and happy by doing so.